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What is IPRN?

We offer a full range of International Premium Rate Numbers to make your voice and data applications bring you profit!

Premium Rate Numbers are phone numbers used in businesses and media companies to provide certain services and which are usually charged at a higher rate than normal numbers.

Nowadays, IPRN is a very popular payment method used to charge for a variety of content, goods or products over the telephone.

Providers use these numbers as micropayment solutions, which are then charged to end users for a wide range of services and content. Classic IPRN service providers are TV stations, radios, internet portals, social network portals, newspapers and magazines, marketing agencies, education companies and so on. Such a payment method can be used for micropayments of any kind in real-time without a credit card or bank account.

IPRN also offers immediate billing and real time confirmation of the payment process. IPRN is the best alternative to credit card payments, Internet payment portals or bank transfers. It offers high security as no personal info or credit card details are required, what makes such payments highly anonymous.

How Do they


The end users call the Premium Numbers and are charged according to the plan with their operator. IPRNX pays you a commission from the traffic passed by telecom carriers to your Premium Numbers. By traffic we mean minutes that are dialed to your Premium Numbers. You can get traffic by promoting your numbers with websites, blogs, android and iPhone apps, SMS campaigns and much more.

Interactive Voice


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers using voice or a dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) signaling keypad. We can provide a ready-made IVR solution to meet your company’s needs. We can also build specific customized IVR services upon request. To set your own IVR please contact us.

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